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Are WWF Hasbro figures worth anything?: analyzing the values of these collectible treasures

9th September 2023

The WWF Hasbro wrestling action figure collection is a highly-coveted and prized collectible, and in the last 3-4 years the value of these items has soared.

Interest in these figures has grown rapidly, and this all began during the 2020-2022 COVID pandemic. Famous podcasters such as Bryan Myers and Matt Cardona of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast made these collections famous once more, as the duo often covered their journeys through vintage toy stores seeking out the WWF Hasbro figure line.

Our website, Retrofigure.com, was created to help collectors identify the value of their wrestling figure collections and put a fair value to items before selling on Ebay, Mercari and Etsy, or even Facebook Groups. The value of said collectibles does change all of the time, and that is why Retrofigure constantly tracks sale values and uses this data to calculate a fair value based upon the average sale price.

In recent times, adults have been known to venture into their attic and rummage through their storage to stumble across a very rare Hulk Hogan mailaway, worth in excess of $1000. There is treasure to be found everywhere if you were an avid collector of the Hasbro or LJN line as a child, just hit up the online auction sites. Retrofigure is your first port of call if you're asking yourself the question: are WWF Hasbro figures worth anything?

WWF Hasbro MOC values

In short, the answer is a resounding YES! Let's say you were smart enough to keep your WWF Hasbros in pristine condition and unopened Mint on Card, you'll be looking at a value of around $1600 for a Dusty Rhodes, to the lowest end of the scale with a Headshrinker Fatu, with a value of $80. Considering you could buy three figures for $10, this is a decent return for a 30-year-old toy. If you'd like to see the values of the WWF Hasbros in order of value, click here. In general, the average price of a WWF Hasbro unopened MOC is around $180-$200. It is considered more valuable to have an English unopened MOC as opposed to a French or Spanish one, but in some rare cases multi-language MOC's can be found and tend to be worth a little more.

As of September 2023, just to give you an idea of how valuable WWF Hasbro mint on card figures are worth, below is a little break down for you:

  • The Undertaker (Series 4 / Blue Card): around $180
  • British Bulldog (Series 4 / Blue Card): around $190
  • Hulk Hogan (Series 1 / Blue Card): around $220
  • Adam Bomb (Series 11 / Green Card): around $330
  • Ultimate Warrior (Series 1 / Blue Card): around $340
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (Series 1 / Blue Card): around $410
  • Andre The Giant (Series 1 / Blue Card): around $580
  • 1-2-3 Kid (Series 11 / Green Card): around $1150
  • Dusty Rhodes (Series 2 / Green Card): around $1450
  • Click here for all values

Prices truly vary over time and the value of figures change considerably according to condition of the figure, the card and particularly the bubble. Any damage or dents, or even worse a crack in the bubble, will significantly reduce the value of the figure.

If you do happen to hold an unopened Mint on Card WWF Hasbro, with no cracks, no dents and generally good condition card, have you contemplated having it graded? If you decide to grade it through a company such as UKG (UK Graders), you'll possibly increase the value of your figure by up to 3x!

WWF Hasbro loose values

How about loose figures, that've been sitting in a box for 25 years untouched, are these worth anything? You'll be pleased once again that the answer is YES! Again, the value of said figures will depend on the condition the figure is in. You can track WWF Hasbro loose figure values on our site, but it is worth knowing that a loose figure with no damage, in original condition as if it just came fresh out of the box (you "let it breathe"), can be worth anything from $8 to $2000. A Hogan mailaway will cost you $2000 if you were looking to buy one on Ebay, but there are numerous figures that attract high values. Here are a few values below:

  • 1-2-3 Kid (Series 11): around $650
  • Crush (also known as Purple Crush, or Evil Crush) (Series 11): around $260
  • Billy the Smoking Gunn (Series 11): around $230
  • Bart the Smoking Gunn (Series 11): around $230
  • Yokozuna (Series 11): around $190
  • Ludvig Borga (Series 11): around $190
  • Adam Bomb (Series 11): around $170

As you can imagine, the prices of these figures are driven by rarity. You will see above that the famous Series 11 Green Cards are all at the top of the value rankings, and this is due to a limited release by Hasbro as the company wound down their contract with the WWF. There are some exceptions to this rule, for example a Bret the Hitman Hart from Series 8 is worth quite a lot at $110, and the reason why is because so many young fans had the Series 4 version and did not want to add the Series 8 Bret to their toy box. The same applies to the Undertaker, who had a second release in Series 8 after his first in Series 4. Razor Ramon also received a new variant with purple trunks in Series 10, and this version is significantly harder to find than the yellow card version of Razor. In some cases, a figure happened to be removed from the line early, such as Dusty Rhodes from Series 2. Dusty's contract with the WWF ended abruptly, and therefore there were fewer of these figures released.

In summary, are your WWF Hasbro figures worth anything? Generally you'll be able to get a fair fee for these on an online auction site. If you're selling your childhood collection in bulk, an entrepreneurial collector may buy all of your figures for a discount. There is a definitely a very lucrative market for these figures today.

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