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WWF Bendems unopened figure values

The WWF Bendems line by Just Toys Inc (otherwise known as JusToys) followed hot on the heels of the preceeding WWF Hasbro line, running between the years of 1994 to 2000. These popular figures were bendable and stretchable to some extent, and the Bendem series continued for 15 individual series' prior to a "Gear" series. There are a handful of extremely rare figures within this collection, such as Tazz and the Rikishi figure unopened mint on card. The Bendem figure also included a cut out graphic at the back of the card, and in some cases this changed half way through the series. For example, The Rock had a variant with a very rare version on the reverse of the packaging. Alongside the figure, Just Toys Inc also released a WWF ring which contained a Paul Bearer figure. This was not released as a solo figure, and could only be obtained through purchasing the ring.

On this page you can find Retrofigure.com value estimates for WWF Bendem MOC Mint on Card figures, a list of recent sales on Ebay, as well as images of each individual figure in the line.

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Recent WWF Bendems Unopened Figure eBay Sales

Date Price State Name
20th Sep Bret Hitman Hart Bendems figure sold $13
Bret Hitman Hart Bendems (WWF Bend Ems - Bret Hitman Hart Series 1...)
15th Sep Hunter Hearst Helmsley figure sold $14
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Hunter Hearst-Helmsley Bend-Ems WWF 1997...)
15th Sep Big Boss Man Bendems figure sold $49
Big Boss Man Bendems (RARE WWF Big Boss Man Bend Ems Action Fi...)
14th Sep Bret Hitman Hart Bendems figure sold $34
Bret Hitman Hart Bendems (WWF BRET "HITMAN" HART Rare BEND-EMS 199...)
14th Sep Diesel Bendems figure sold $35

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