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WWE Mattel release August 2023: highly anticipated drop! Vader, Paul Bearer, The Undertaker and Jerry the King Lawler

26th August 2023

On August 29th 2023 at 9am PT, the latest figure drop from Mattel will be available on Mattel Creations, with the highly anticipated arrival of retro Vader, Paul Bearer, The Undertaker and Jerry the King Lawler.

This will be the second Undertaker of the Mattel Retro series, and the fifth in total, following the original releases of the Undertaker in Series 4, Series 8 and the Mailaway version from the WWF Hasbro collection. The release of Paul Bearer will be an interesting one, as we have not seen many manager's appear in the line in the past, if we consider the Mattel Retro line to have naturally followed the WWF Hasbro line. Having Bearer and Undertaker together will be an exciting combination.

As for the Vader release, this figure has been requested for many series of the Retro line and fans will be delighted to finally add him to their collection. Vader was also missed from the WCW Galoob line, although he has previously made appearances in the WWF JusToys Bendem's lines.

Finally, Jerry the King Lawler's release is just as exciting. He was an important character in the 1990's and as a commentator he is indeed iconic. He is a wonderful piece to add to the collection, and his figure is truly exquisite, in the detail and the accompanying hat perched upon his head.

Interestingly, as the WWE Mattel Retro figures drop, the price of the WWF Hasbro lines and values does not increase, and as we can identify from recent WWF Hasbro value charts, recently prices are on a downward trend. It does appear that the excitement of COVID-collecting is dying off and collectors are now flocking to new releases, particularly the Mattel lines. But there are several independent figure creators who have recently made releases too, such as the Grapplers and Gimmicks line, and Zombie Sailor's Heels and Faces releases.

Finally, on a side note, currently we do not track the prices and values of the WWE Mattel Retro line since the second release began a few years ago, but we will be soon adding this data to our site and begin to track these values from around November 2023.

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