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What are the most valuable WCW Galoob figures

19th January 2024

Finding WCW Galoob mint on card figures is a challenge in itself, let alone finding these collectibles in good condition. When a collector purchases MOC figures, there are two characteristics that will increase the value of a figure. The condition of the card, which normally is assessed based upon the quality of surface, edges, corner and the centering of the bubble on the card. Secondly, the quality of the plastic bubble is an extremely important indicator. A bubble with no dents, no cracks and that is firmly secured to the card will ultimately increase the overall value of the MOC figure. For the WCW Galoob line all of the figures do not have any action move, unlike the rival WWF Hasbro line of the time. The WCW figures have poses and this means that the bubble would have to accommodate a larger action figure, and therefore bubbles are often found with multiple dents and cracks as the years go on.

The WCW Galoob line operated for a brief two-year period, spanning from 1990 to 1991. It served as WCW's competitive response to the highly popular WWF Hasbro collection during the same timeframe. The Galoob figures first appeared on American shelves in 1990, but a more valuable second line emerged in 1991 exclusively in the United Kingdom, known as UK exclusives. Generally, these were the same figures released in the previous year's collection in the USA but with different colored attire. Alongside these re-releases, a set of new figures was produced, including Big Josh and the renowned pre-ring attire figures of Sting and Lex Luger. This select group of figures is exceptionally challenging to find in mint condition on the card and can be exchanged among collectors for prices exceeding $2000.

To comprehend the rarity of this toy line, a reliable gauge is often the prices these figures command among collectors. Despite its popularity in the wrestling toy collecting community, very few of these figures are available for purchase on eBay. A recent search in January 2024 revealed a notable Galoob figure for sale, namely a graded Sting pre-ring attire mint on card, priced at a substantial $3,499. Additionally, several Spanish language Mint on Card (MOC) figures are listed, and some of the less valuable ones, such as Brian Pillman (bengal trunks version), Tom Zenk, Sting (light blue trunks), Lex Luger (blue trunks), and Sid Vicious (blank singlet), are also up for sale. In total, approximately 40-50 mint on card Galoob figures can be found on eBay, but if you're seeking WWF Hasbro MOC figures, there are nearly five times as many available for purchase.

Retrofigure is a toy price tracking website that uses real sales data to calculate the value of a wrestling figure, unlike Wrestlingtoytracker that appears to have arbitrary values. Even though we have been collecting WCW Galoob sales data for two years, some MOC’s from the line have not ever been traded, so we are unable to provide complete data. That being said, let’s look at some of the data that we do have, starting from the most expensive four items for which we have sales data so far:

  • Fabulous Freebirds MOC WCW Galoob with sound module: $800
  • Steiner Brothers UK Exclusive tag team set: $650
  • Dustin Rhodes: $475
  • Big Josh: $470

We have yet to collect data for the following pieces:

  • Two Dudes with Attitudes MOC WCW Galoob UK exclusive tag team set
  • Two Dudes with Attitudes MOC WCW Galoob UK exclusive tag team set (pre-ring attire)
  • Lex Luger (pre-ring attire)
  • Sting (pre-ring attire)

The two aforementioned Two Dudes with Attitudes tag team sets could be worth as much as $4000 (if they are ever found for sale), and graded Lex Luger pre-ring attire figures can also sell for more than $3000 in good condition.

Other figures that are deemed to be valuable are the UK Exclusive re-release singles figures. The Barry Windham and Brian Pillman figures with light blue trunks are worth from $250 to $400, depending on the condition of the box and bubble. An extremely difficult to find Sid Vicious with pink singlet could fetch as much as $500. Ron Simmons’ UK release that features a white line along the seam of his trunks could fetch between $250-$350. The individual Steiner brothers UK exclusive figures would also fetch a similar fee. A little further back in value would be the Ric Flair re-release with dark red trunks and Arn Anderson’s re-release with red trunks. Whilst both rare and hard to find, the popularity of this duo from the Four Horsemen means that more of these particular two have been found for sale.

Overall, with only a fraction of the sales data to assess from this line in comparison to the WWF collection, we have to research elsewhere to create a list of the most valuable figures from the line. Here is our top 10 rarity list for the WCW Galoob series:

Retrofigure's WCW Galoob rarity ranking

  • 1. Two Dudes with Attitudes MOC WCW Galoob UK exclusive tag team set (pre-ring attire)
  • 2. Lex Luger (pre-ring robe attire)
  • 3. Steiner Brothers UK exclusive tag team set (Rick Green Tights & Scott Pink/Light Blue Tights)
  • 4. Two Dudes with Attitudes MOC WCW Galoob tag team set (Luger Blue Tights & Sting Black Tights)
  • 5. Big Josh
  • 6. Dustin Rhodes
  • 7. Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson with red trunks)
  • 8. Sting (pre-ring jacket)
  • 9. Sid Vicious (pink tights)
  • 10. Fabulous Freebirds (with sound module)

What do you think of our ranking and in your opinion, what are the most valuable and hardest to find WCW Galoob figures?

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