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How to identify an Undertaker Mailaway WWF Hasbro figure

17th March 2024

Retrofigure is a website designed to assist wrestling action figure enthusiasts in accurately assessing the value of their collections. Utilizing real-time sales data sourced from prominent platforms like Ebay and Mercari, our website ensures a transparent and equitable evaluation of each figure's worth. The value of these figures fluctuates constantly, influenced by various factors such as wrestler appearances at signing events or unfortunate circumstances like their passing. Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a surge in the worth of collectible figures, as individuals found themselves with increased leisure time and disposable income, prompting a renewed interest in acquiring or rekindling their collections.

The WWF Hasbro line boasts nearly 100 distinct figures in its collection, with a select few being particularly elusive and consequently fetching substantial prices on auction platforms. Among these coveted figures, the top five most sought-after by collectors and notoriously challenging to procure are:

  • 1) The Undertaker Mailaway
  • 2) Bret the Hitman Hart Mailaway
  • 3) Hulk Hogan Mailaway
  • 4) 1-2-3 Kid Mint on Card
  • 5) Dusty Rhodes Mint on Card.

All figures mentioned above have the potential to fetch well above $1,000, with some reaching heights of up to $3,000, contingent upon their condition.

One figure, however, stands out significantly, surpassing others by over 30% in terms of value — the focal point of this discussion, The Undertaker Mailaway figure.

Our exploration, initiated in October 2023 and later posted in an article entitled how many WWF Hasbro are there?, aimed to uncover the precise production figures of WWF Hasbro figures. While the available data is limited, the distribution numbers for mailaway figures are relatively clear. A total of 9,000 figures were produced — 3,000 of each mailaway variant, resulting in a scarcity of Undertaker Mailaway figures in the market.

Several factors contribute to the current steep price of the Undertaker figure. Unlike Bret Hart's mailaway, which closely resembles his Series 4 counterpart with minor variations, such as the Purple Heart variant, the Undertaker Mailaway exhibits noticeable distinctions, particularly in hair color. This discrepancy in appearance likely went unnoticed by collectors who opened the figure's plastic bag in the 1990s. Conversely, Hulk Hogan's mailaway figure presents a distinct design compared to his carded releases. As a result, few collectors foresaw the considerable value appreciation of these figures.

Often, these valuable figures are unknowingly sold on auction platforms, with owners unaware of their true worth. I personally acquired two Undertaker figures at auction, paying only a fraction of their actual value, and at times even obtained loose figures due to uncertainty regarding hair color accuracy.

How to identify an Undertaker Mailaway

Upon comparing all three Undertaker figures, subtle differences in hair color become apparent. The Series 4 release showcases a reddish-brown hue, while the Series 8 version displays a notably darker brown shade. Positioned between them, the Mailaway iteration features a lighter brown tone. Both the Mailaway and the Series 8 Red Card Undertaker were accompanied by a cape. Additionally, a slight variance in the shape of the Mailaway Taker's eyes can be observed, particularly evident when examining the images on the right-hand side.

Are the coats of the Undertaker Series 8 and the Undertaker Mailaway identical?

Yes, indeed. The coats for both figures are identical. However, securing a Taker with its original coat proves to be a challenging endeavor, as reproductions are common. Exercise caution when purchasing these figures with complete attire to ensure authenticity.

What should I be paying for an Undertaker Mailaway?

If you manage to locate the Undertaker still sealed in its original packaging, anticipate prices ranging from $2,500 to as high as $3,000. When including its accessory, a reasonable price might fall between $1,500 and $2,000. Without the accessory, a ballpark figure of $1,500 would be appropriate. Despite a general decrease in the prices of WWF Hasbro figures in recent years, the exceedingly rare pieces from the collection continue to demand a premium, with some even experiencing a surge in value.

Are there any other variants?

Another variant worth mentioning is the exclusive India release, the Funskool Undertaker. The plastic texture of a Funskool figure compared to a Hasbro one feels slightly distinct. The primary disparity between the Mailaway Taker and the Funskool version lies in the shade of color beneath the eyes, as the Funskool iteration lacks the eye shadow present on the Mailaway. Despite the absence of eyeliner on the lower lids, the hair color between the Funskool and Mailaway variants is nearly identical.

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