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18th July 2023

Thank you for your visit and to our regular visitors at retrofigure.com. For the month of July and our newest blog post, we will analyze the latest WWF Hasbro action figure pricing trends, and how the market is holding up in recent times.

Since retrofigure.com started collecting data in 2021, the price of action figures has tapered off. This general decling trend has continued in to 2023, as values steadily fall. Our assessment of this is that the general excitement of collecting during the boom period of coronavirus continues to impact the values of wrestling figures, and collectors continue to cash in to catch the tailend of the trend.

June 2023 was an interesting month on Ebay for sales of mint on card WWF Hasbro figures, with The Mountie surprisingly coming out on top with six sales during the month. Just below the Mountie, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Shawn Michaels followed, as well as the usually popular Hulk Hogan from Series 1. Collectors also moved swiftly to purchase Nailz MOC WWF Hasbro's, as the wrestler announced his first signing event in more than a decade for the upcoming Detroit Wrestlecon Conference. More information on this data can be found on our recent sales charts.

With regards to loose WWF Hasbro figures, the market continued to show some strength. The Undertaker sat as the most popular sale, with 44 individual transactions on ebay during July. Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan followed in second and third place respectively. You can also view this data on the right hand side, on the top image.

In terms of overall sales, for loose figures the data suggests that WWF Hasbro loose sales continues to be a popular hobby. This data can be viewed in the second image on the right hand side. The data clearly shows that this is a positive trend, with more sales month-on-month over the last 18 months. On the other hand, MOC WWF Hasbro sales seems to continue to remain flat throughout 2023, with no particular decline or upswing in the number of sales. More analysis of this data can be found on the MOC WWF Hasbro daily sales chart.

Finally, the Nailz mint on card figure increased in value around 4% last month, closely followed by the third edition of Hulk Hogan MOC. Loose figure values generally declined throughout the month of June. For further analysis of individual value fluctuations in sales data in June 2023, please click here.

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