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Get in touch with us at info AT retrofigure.com or via the live chat on shop.retrofigure.com.

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What is retrofigure?

We at retrofigure have developed custom technology that monitors online sales of multiple famous toy figure lines, and calculates a value for a figure based upon community sales data. On the first day of each new month, we publish new price estimates, comparing against the previous month's data.

Why did we create retrofigure?

Our goal is to provide the collecting community with an online valuation reference, from where anyone can locate marketplace data and in turn value your own vintage collectables based upon what others are paying.

Please note that, while we try our best to value figures fairly, data can often be skewed by many other variables such as sales location, product condition and underpriced sales. We do take note of items that seem to be an anomaly and rank them accordingly, but occasionally this data can slip through the cracks. Do keep this in mind if you are using our website on a regular basis.

In addition to price estimates and sales data, we also gather information such as item descriptions, figure images and loose figure data.

Thanks for visiting! We hope that we will become a trusted source of data for the community, and we are always listening out for your feedback. Please contact us at info AT retrofigure.com or use any of the social icons at the bottom right hand corner of any page.

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