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The Bushwhackers action figure

The Bushwhackers

WWF Hasbro - Series 2

Unopened figure

1991 wrestling Tag Team action figures

Luke and Butch - the comedic duo that captured the attention of thousands of wrestling fans in the 1980s - are arguably the most common Tag Team set of the line. Did not have any tag team title success, but were iconic none the less.

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Brand WWF Hasbro
Rarity Ranking 90th / 97
Pricing Trend
Retrofigure's unopened estimated value $105
Mint on Card condition value (MOC) $120
Average to good condition value $84
Foreign (non-English) unopened value $70
Loose value View loose figure $13
Total sales since May 2021 View sales chart 69 sales
Card Color
Known Variants US English Card, Butterfly Hook, Spanish, French, Italian, Dual Language (French and English), Summerslam re-release

These cousins from Down Under are just as wild and woolly as the New Zealand woods from which they come.
Their actions, both inside and outside the ring, have made them extremely popular with WWF fans all over the world.
The cousins often finish off their opponents with a Bushwhacker battering ram.

How much is The Bushwhackers WWF Hasbro worth?
Our Unopened estimate $105
Depending on condition of the figure $84-$120
Price last updated: 1 March 2023

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The WWF Hasbro line ran between the years of 1990 to 1994, across 11 different series. Each figure had an action move, usually unique to the character, and the action would be in stark contrast to other competition wrestling figure lines of the era. Today, loose WWF Hasbros are incredibly popular on popular auction sites. Many have stumbled across their personal collections from their childhood, and now in adulthood seek to complete the full set. A number of unreleased prototypes have been found over the years, and a number of 2-ups and test shots have also emerged. The Mailaway figures of Bret, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker are amongst the most expensive in the series, and particularly hard to find still in their original bag. These are also very tricky to find loose, and are amongst the most expensive figures in the line. In some cases, figures can be sourced with their original box, and the biography card that was found on the back of the card. A number of 'error' figures have been found, with slight adjustments to the original design. These fetch huge sums of money on auction sites such as Ebay.

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Sales analysis for the last 90 days for The Bushwhackers WWF Hasbro figure

Date Price State
wwf hasbro moc Bushwhackers... 20th Jan $120
Hasbro WWF WWE The Bush Workers Luke & Butch 1... 30th Jan $123
wwf hasbro bushwackers... 9th Feb $52
HASBRO WWF BUSHWACKERS Unopened... 20th Feb $99
Bushwhackers Vintage WWF Hasbro Action Figure Set ... 21st Feb $100
Wwf hasbro moc the bushwackers ... 10th Mar $81
WWF Original Hasbro The Bushwhackers Tag Team Figu... 16th Mar $91
Rare WWF wrestling figures THE BUSHWHACKERS in ori... 25th Mar $156
<span class=LIGHT_HIGHLIGHT>New Listing... 29th Mar $65

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