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Koko B Ware

WWF Hasbro - Series 3

How much is Koko B Ware unopened worth?
Our Unopened estimate $134
Depending on condition of the figure $126-$155
Our loose estimate (with accessory) $39
Our loose estimate $16
Price last updated: 1 June 2024

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Estimated value over time for Koko B Ware

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Our most recent estimated value of Koko B Ware Mint on Card (MOC) is $134

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1992 wrestling action figure with Bird Man Bounce move

Comes with his parrot Frankie; the Koko B Ware figure is tricky to find mint on card and was a peg warmer back in the day. More commonly found on foreign cards, this is one of the more difficult figures to find in the Hasbro line on an English backing card unopened. Koko did not enjoy much success as a singles wrestler, but did have a short and relatively successful spell with Owen Hart as the tag team High Energy.

Brand WWF Hasbro
Collection Rarity Ranking 70th / 97
Accessory Frankie the Parrot
Current value trend (last month)
Retrofigure's unopened estimated value $134
Value of figure in Mint on Card (MOC) condition (global) $155
Value of figure in average to good condition $126
Foreign (non-English) unopened value $90
Loose value View loose figure $16
Loose w/ Accessory value $39
Total sales since May 2021 View sales chart 50 sales
GTIN 038976070482
Card Color
Known Variants US English Card, Spanish, French, Italian, Dual Language (French and English)
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The Birdman, as his fans call him, is one of the most aerially gifted athletes in the WWF.
He beats his opponents with a move he calls the Ghostbuster, which is a modified version of the textbook suplex.
Koko's trusty macaw, Frankie, watches his every move in and out of the ring.

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

Koko B Ware Series 3

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About the WWF Hasbro line

The WWF Hasbro line, spanning from 1990 to 1994, captivated collectors across 11 distinct series. Each figure boasted a unique action move, setting them apart from competing wrestling figure lines of that era. Presently, loose WWF Hasbros command immense popularity on leading auction platforms. Many individuals have serendipitously stumbled upon their cherished childhood collections, igniting a desire to assemble the complete set during adulthood. Over the years, a remarkable array of unreleased prototypes, 2-ups, and test shots have surfaced.

The Mailaway figures featuring Bret, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker hold an esteemed status within the series, commanding top-tier prices and proving particularly elusive in their original packaging. Acquiring them in loose condition poses an additional challenge, rendering them among the most expensive figures within the line. In select instances, figures can still be procured with their original box and the coveted biography card, typically adorning the reverse side of the packaging. Furthermore, a collection of 'error' figures, exhibiting slight modifications from the original design, has garnered significant attention, commanding substantial sums on renowned auction platforms like eBay.

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