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Rick Steiner Green Tights action figure

Rick Steiner Green Tights

WCW Galoob - Series 2

How much is Rick Steiner Green Tights unopened worth?
Our Unopened estimate $483
Our loose estimate (with accessory) $23
Our loose estimate $20
Price last updated: 1 July 2024

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Estimated value over time for Rick Steiner Green Tights

This chart is Retrofigure's recommended value over time for the WCW Galoob Rick Steiner Green Tights mint on card figure. Using sales data from various sources such as Ebay, Mercari and Etsy, our automated solution calculates an average value from the price of all sales.

Our most recent estimated value of Rick Steiner Green Tights Mint on Card (MOC) is $483

Discover the methodology behind our data calculation: on a weekly basis, retrofigure diligently analyzes hundreds of finalized online sales transactions. By leveraging this valuable sale data, we precisely calculate the estimated value of collectibles as it evolves over time. Our algorithm uses the last 24 months of sales data.

The Pit Bull of the WCW!

The UK Exclusive release of Rick Steiner with Green and Black Tights. Also released as a tag team, and a commonly found Purple/Grey color version in the earlier series' of WCW Galoob.

Brand WCW Galoob
Accessory Championship Belt
Current value trend (last month)
Retrofigure's unopened estimated value $483
Loose value View loose figure $20
Total sales since February 2022 2 sales

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Sales price chart over time for Rick Steiner Green Tights

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