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Demolition Ax

WWF Hasbro - Series 1

How much is Demolition Ax worth?
Loose estimate (opened) $16
Price last updated: 1 December 2023

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1990 wrestling action figure with Ax Attack move

Demolition enjoyed tag team success in the 1980s, and Ax partnered with Smash and Crush with varied title success. Demolition are arguably one of the most popular and well known tag teams of the golden era of WWF wrestling. Ax's Hasbro figure did not come with any accessory, and is slightly more difficult to find than his partner Smash, as Smash was re-released as part of a tag team card. Ax was forced to semi-retire during his run in the Demolition tag team, partially because of an allergy to seafood that contributed to some health issues.

Brand WWF Hasbro
Collection Rarity Ranking 62nd / 97
Current value trend (last month)
Value of figure loose $16
Retrofigure's unopened value View MOC figure $231
Total sales since May 2021 254 sales
GTIN 038976070154
Card Color
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One half of the tag team Demolition.
Roars into the ring wearing spikes and black leather.
A terrifying individual in and out of the ring.

Demolition Ax Series 1

Demolition Ax Series 1

Demolition Ax Series 1

Demolition Ax Series 1

Demolition Ax Series 1

Demolition Ax Series 1

About the WWF Hasbro line

The WWF Hasbro line ran between the years of 1990 to 1994, across 11 different series. Each figure had an action move, usually unique to the character, and the action would be in stark contrast to other competition wrestling figure lines of the era. Today, loose WWF Hasbros are incredibly popular on popular auction sites. Many have stumbled across their personal collections from their childhood, and now in adulthood seek to complete the full set. A number of unreleased prototypes have been found over the years, and a number of 2-ups and test shots have also emerged. The Mailaway figures of Bret, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker are amongst the most expensive in the series, and particularly hard to find still in their original bag. These are also very tricky to find loose, and are amongst the most expensive figures in the line. In some cases, figures can be sourced with their original box, and the biography card that was found on the back of the card. A number of 'error' figures have been found, with slight adjustments to the original design. These fetch huge sums of money on auction sites such as Ebay.

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Our most recent estimated value of Demolition Ax loose is $16

Sales history for the last 90 days for Demolition Ax WWF Hasbro figure

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Date Site Price State
WWF Hasbro Series 1 DEMOLITION AX wwe... 14th Sep Ebay $12
WWF Hasbro 80s 90s Demolition - Ax Wrestling Figur... 16th Sep Ebay $18
Hasbro WWF Wrestling Demolition Axe Smash Figure V... 16th Sep Ebay $26
Demolition Ax 1991 WWF WWE Wrestling Hasbro Titan ... 17th Sep Ebay $12
WWF WWE Hasbro Wrestling Figure Series 1: Demoliti... 28th Sep Ebay $5
Vintage Wwf Wrestling Action Figure Demolition AXE... 30th Sep Ebay $7
DEMOLITION Ax WWE WWF 1990 Hasbro Series 1 Action ... 30th Sep Ebay $19
Demolition Ax - Vintage 1990 Hasbro Wrestler Serie... 6th Oct Ebay $5
Demolition Ax Series 1 Tag Team 1990 WWF HASBRO Vi... 6th Oct Ebay $16
WWF WWE Hasbro Wrestling Figure. Series 1: Demolit... 8th Oct Ebay $8
WWE WWF Hasbro - Series 1 - Demolition Ax - Combin... 10th Oct Ebay $25
WWF Hasbro Demolition AX with Helmet (Original) Wr... 11th Oct Ebay $25
Demolition Ax WWF Hasbro Figure Series 1 WWE 90s W... 11th Oct Ebay $18
WWF Hasbro Series 1 Ax with Ax Attack! 1990... 17th Oct Ebay $10
WWF WWE Hasbro Wrestling Figure. Series 1: Demolit... 22nd Oct Ebay $7
WWF Hasbro Demition Ax wrestling figure wwe... 23rd Oct Mercari $7
WWF WWE 1991 Hasbro Demolition Ax Series 2 Wrestli... 25th Oct Ebay $6
WWF Series 1 AX 1990 Demolition Hasbro Titan Sport... 27th Oct Ebay $9
WWF Hasbro 1990 Axe Demolition  Acrylic Base Set N... 6th Nov Ebay $5
Demolition Ax WWF Hasbro Figure Series 1 WWE 90s W... 8th Nov Ebay $14
Demolition Ax 1991 WWF WWE Wrestling Hasbro Titan ... 9th Nov Ebay $11
WWE Demolition Ax Wrestling Figure Hasbro Vintage ... 10th Nov Ebay $13
Demolition Ax Series 1 WWF Wrestling Action Figure... 13th Nov Ebay $10
WWF Titan Sports Vintage 1990 Demolition Ax Wrestl... 14th Nov Ebay $17
DEMOLITION AX - WWF Hasbro Series 1 Wrestling Acti... 14th Nov Ebay $27
WWE Demolition Axe Wrestling Figure Hasbro Vintage... 21st Nov Ebay $9
Vintage Wwf Wrestling Action Figure Demolition AXE... 25th Nov Ebay $4
Ax w/ Cardback WWF Hasbro Wrestling 1990 Series 1 ... 26th Nov Ebay $21
Vintage 1990 WWF Hasbro Demolition Ax Series 1 Com... 30th Nov Ebay $13

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